5 Best Wholesale Necklaces: Ultimate Guide

Wholesale Charm Necklace

A charm necklace has a lot of similarities in style and design to a traditional charm bracelet. They are well known for fashion accessories and collectible gifts. The typical feeling of a charm necklace is the fact that it can be exciting and casual. It can also feature a range of charms that hold some sort of relevance to the wearer. Wholesale charm jewelry has become very popular in recent times, thanks to the trends set by jewelry companies. At Hong Factory, we advise you to go for a vintage-style charm necklace if you’d like to mix up your styling. Wholesale Necklaces

Charm necklaces don’t often come with the charm. So, feel free to add a charm or two to your wholesale charm necklace as that will enable you to make a fashion statement and express your personality. The number of charms you can adorn your necklace with is dependent on the style and length of your necklace. A short wholesale charm necklace could old just a few, while a longer necklace could hold more. Be sure to choose a thick enough chain to support the weight of charms you intend to adorn it with. You can also get charms that come in metals like silver and gold. Wholesale Necklaces

5 Best Wholesale Necklaces: Ultimate Guide

Wholesale Necklaces

Wholesale Beaded Necklace

All the way back to ancient times, wholesale necklaces have been immensely popular, with the Egyptian pharaohs of old being among the first users. These days, women wear a vast variety of beaded necklaces crafted from various types of materials including- coral beads, crocheted seed beads, clay beads, crystal beads as well as glass beads. Wholesale beaded necklaces are often paired with jeans, casual dresses, and even T-shirts. Wholesale Necklaces

Classic beaded necklace designs such as graduated necklaces or wholesale pearl necklaces are equally popular among modern-day fashion enthusiasts. Furthermore, it might interest you to know that beads vary in material (fossilized material, stones, shells, seeds, horn, glass, bone) their size, color, significance, and placement on the body or garments. Wholesale Necklaces

Wholesale Necklaces

Wholesale Festoon Necklace

This necklace design has its origin several centuries ago. Festoons mean a garland or wreath of leaves, flowers, and branches. The wholesale festoon necklace design consists of chains alongside other elements which are interwoven into a draping necklace. Wholesale Necklaces

Although its origin can be traced back to the Neoclassical era, that has in no way prevented the wholesale festoon from being one of the best staple designs of the modern everyday wardrobe. It’s easy to spot a Festoon necklace by its draping elements and effortless elegance. You will typically find the wholesale festoon necklace adorned with precious metals, pearls, and gemstones. Wholesale Necklaces

The word ‘festoon’ is derived from the Latin word ‘fest which is translated to mean festive or holidays. Wholesale Festoon necklaces have been one of those styles that have repeatedly come to stay, with almost every jewelry era having its unique festooned look. A typical festoon necklace should have metal parts, beads, drapes of chain, or swags forming the overall design. Wholesale Necklaces

Wholesale Choker/Collar Necklace

Since the Middle Ages, chokers and collars have been in style and are perfectly crafted to sit beautifully around one’s neck. Most choker designs are more collar-like and easy to adjust as they have fastenings that are easy to maneuver. Additionally, most people have custom-made chokers crafted to a particular length. It might also interest you to know that chokers are made of either a single piece of material or made of many small elements. Wholesale Necklaces

The choker sits perfectly above the neck or just below the collarbone. Some choker designs feature a pendant dangling from the center. Vintage chokers were usually made of a variety of materials, including glass beads, crystals, diamante, pearls, silver, and gold. They have been fashionable pieces of jewelry from the 19th century till date. In ancient times, chokers were made with lapis or gold and were thought to be protective and filled with supernatural powers. Wholesale Necklaces

Wholesale chokers have become a popular symbol of fashion among women due to their association with femininity and its potential to conceal Adam’s apple perfectly. They are also associated with high fashion and can take on diverse meanings under various circumstances. Wholesale Necklaces

Wholesale Lockets

Wholesale lockets are a traditional style of the pendant necklace. Many families pass down lockets from one generation to the next and so forth. The wholesale locket has a small compartment pendant that holds a tiny memento or picture. You will find lockets to be deeply sentimental and personal. Lockets enjoyed a lot of popularity during the Victorian era, and you’d find countless lockets with engravings or a lock of a loved one’s hair lying snuggly inside. Wholesale Necklaces

Lockets have a range of various chains but are best paired with an opera-length chain. They typically come as standard alongside a princess-length chain. You also have the option of mixing and matching a locket with a longer chain to sit beside a wholesale choker necklace for a multi-layered necklace design. Wholesale Necklaces

With these 5 best wholesale necklace designs to pick from, it’s clear why necklaces have been a staple part of the fashion world for many centuries. Ensure to take the time to choose the perfect wholesale necklace for any occasion. However, you have every reason to wear any necklace design of your choice, regardless of the occasion. We spend such huge amounts of money on revamping our wardrobes every season. And it’s most likely that no woman would ever wear the same dress to work every single day. But you can wear the same necklace every day or several times a week. Wholesale Necklaces

You get a reasonable amount of mileage out of every piece of wholesale necklace you purchase. And if the jewelry is of good quality, you can pass it down from generation to generation. Your necklace will remain with you forever and will probably never fail you, so it’s important to invest in one as soon as you possibly can. Contact Hong Factory today if you need any help choosing the best necklace.

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