DIY Tips To Help You Clean Your Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling Silver Ring

The Care And Cleaning Of Sterling Silver Rings Is Important

When you buy a sterling silver ring it is important to care for it and keep it clean. If you do not do this, you will soon find yourself with a very rusted and dull-looking ring. Wholesale silver ring You will feel sad and you will feel that all the money you put out for that ring has gone down the drain. So let us try to avoid that, shall we? It is always a better idea to keep a care and maintenance schedule for all things in your life. In this scenario, you should definitely have a cleaning schedule or routine for your sterling silver rings. If you don’t already have one then we would suggest you create one for the care of your rings.

Going To A Professional Is Expensive!

The best way to make sure that your sterling silver rings are being properly cleaned and looked after is to promptly take it to a professional. The professional will employ all of his or her vast knowledge in keeping sterling silver rings clean and shiny.

You will, of course, be quite happy with the results. But going to the professional every other month for upkeep is not something everyone can do. So here is a suggestion, why don’t you use the DIY tricks we have listed below and do your own version of maintaining your sterling silver rings.

Here Are Some DIY Tips To Employ

DIY tricks are the best thing for all those who don’t have enough time or money to go to the professionals. They are quick, easy and absolutely fruitful. Here are some DIY tricks that we think would help you. Once you use these tricks you will not even think of going to the professional and forking out money for something you can do yourself. 


Sterling Silver Ring

  • Use Cotton Swabs And Non-Abrasive Cloths

The easiest way that you could employ for cleaning your sterling silver ring is to make sure that you have two things at hand. Number one, non-abrasive cloth and number two, cotton swabs. The non-abrasive cloths will make sure that the silver does not get any unnecessary marks from a rough cloth. This particular type of cloth will wipe away all the excess dirt and bring back its former luster. The cotton swab can be used to reach those small spaces on the ring that are not easily cleaned by a cloth. It is important to remember not to use any kind of cleaning material like alcohol or Dettol. This will harm rather than hinder it. 


Sterling Silver Ring

  • Use A Silver Cleaner

After the use of cloths and cotton swabs, a silver cleaner is the next best thing. If you want to go a touch above the use of simply wiping your sterling silver ring clean then why not go out and buy a silver cleaner. Mind you, do not buy this cleaner from any old place! Make sure that the shop you buy it from is professional and the product is original. All you have to do next is just simply follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. Remember to not use too much of the cleaner while cleaning your sterling silver ring. After all, too much of a good thing can be quite bad as well and in this case, too much of the cleaner can cause a lot of harm to your ring.


Sterling Silver Ring

  • Keep It In A Zip Lock Bag

Another way you can keep your precious sterling silver ring clean is by keeping it locked up and safe in a Zip lock bag. This way your sterling silver ring will be safe from all other hazards. All you have to do to keep the ring clean and safe is to first wipe it down with a cloth.

 Next, take a tissue, and carefully wrap your ring or rings in the tissue and calmly place it in the Zip lock bag. You will find that your sterling silver ring will be more likely to remain clean and survive longer if you do this. Zip lock bags have the amazing ability to make sure that all harmful substances are kept away from the things that have been kept inside them. Isn’t that amazing!


Sterling Silver Ring

  • Lemon And Salt Bath

Last but not least in our list of DIY ideas to clean your sterling silver ring is a lemon and salt bath. All you have to do is take a bowl and squeeze a lemon into it. After you do that take three tablespoons of salt and mix it in with the lemon. Add in some hot water and carefully mix up the solution. Now all you have to do is put in your sterling silver ring for 5 minutes at the maximum. Remove the ring after 5 minutes, take a non-abrasive cloth

and gently wipe the ring down and pat it dry. Do not use a normal cloth as a normal cloth will not bring about the same results. 

Follow The Advice And You Will Find Yourself Happier

These were the easiest DIY ideas that are known to man. If you follow these instructions step by step you will become the very happy owner of a clean sterling silver ring.

Follow any one of these DIY ideas and you will get your desired results! A clean ring that shines in the morning sun as well as the dauntless night. Once you get the hang of these cleaning methods, it will be even easier and you will have saved yourself a trip to the professional jewelers. wholesale silver rings Just think, if you use these methods once every month or once every other month, you won’t have to waste money at the professional jewelry shop.

You can just simply take out a little time and clean your sterling silver rings yourself. This is definitely the more suitable idea don’t you think! Happy cleaning folks and we guarantee that these ideas will definitely help.