Silver Watch Tips to help your children return to school smoothly

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September arrives and, although the silver watch warmth and long days invite us to try to take advantage of the last throbbing of the summer, the reality is that if there is a “synonym” for September that is the return to school.  


  And, since when we were young and innocent, practically all of us relate the month of September to the end of the holidays, the start of exams or, of course, the arrival of the new class. Most of the children are indeed looking forward to going back to school: meeting their classmates again, releasing new books and materials, feeling older because they are new grade.

   However, it is also true that the return to school implies a series of “worries” especially in the little ones: adapting again to the schedules and the routine, the nervousness in the face of the difficulties that one more course might be challenging (with everything new, we will have to study more. And everyone knows that fifth grade is one the most challenging year) or, a classic among the classics, the fear of the new teacher.


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   To cope with energy, positivism, and, above all, naturally and calmly back to school, parents can help our children overcome this process of adaptation. Because who has said that “post-vacation syndrome” is just a matter of adults?

   Take note of these tips and help your little ones to make their return to school as smooth and progressive as possible.


Early adaptation silver watch to the early riser behaviors


   Without any doubt, one of the toughest aspects of the return to routine and school is the return to the early morning routine and that for the whole family! To face this situation, the idea is to adapt progressively to the school schedule and start, if possible, one or two weeks before the start of the course. To do this, set an hour to go to sleep and get up a few days before starting the course, as this will prevent your children from getting tired from the first day of class.

And do not let your guard down: even if you take advantage of the weekend to travel or make plans away from home, try to keep the same schedules also during the holidays.


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Return to school with style


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  This article is the first in the ‘Tips to help your children return to school smoothly’ series. We will follow with more articles soon, so please stay tuned and stay awesome!