Tips to keep your silver marcasite ring clean & good as new

silver marcasite rings

Silver marcasite rings are made up of silver and marcasite metal or mineral. Daily use of the rings gets the dirt and dust that need perfect cleaning and regular care to keep the jewelry in good condition. You have to use a fine plain cloth to clean it daily and keep them in an organized form. For the deep cleaning, wholesale silver rings you have to follow the tips that will keep the Marcasite rings safe from scratches and damage.

How to clean your silver marcasite rings?


silver marcasite rings

Before cleaning the ring at home you have to be prepared for it by having the necessary things like cloth, water, and brush, etc. keep in mind that you do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning because they can damage the color or stone.

  • Prepare for cleaning – for cleaning the marcasite ring use the water or a soft dishwasher mix with water. Silver marcasite rings Have a brush like an old toothbrush for scrubbing and a clean towel or cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals or soap because it may damage the ring and affect the stone shine.
  • Scrubbing – soak the marcasite rings into the water for a few minutes and then scrub gently with the help of a brush. Repeat the process until you feel the shine and finish of the ring surface just like the new one.
  • Dry with a cloth – after scrubbing wash with the lukewarm water and then dry it by using a towel or a cloth. silver marcasite rings Or use a soft cloth to gently rub on the ring surface and stone for the finishing and shine. silver ring Let the ring leave for drying.

You can have the simple cleaning silver marcasite rings process just at your home to make your marcasite rings shine again like new.

Keep the rings in an organized way like in a box so you can save them from scratches, damage or dust.