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If you’re thinking of buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry instead of gold jewelry, you’re on the right track. While gold jewelry has its charm, silver jewelry is indeed longer-lasting jewelry that has its charm. 2021 is about to arrive, and you need to be geared up with some classic jewelry. The reason is that the new trends in wholesale jewelry are changing and you need to try them. If you are up for buying new silver jewelry, then keep on reading ahead. Here, you’ll find 10 reasons why you should be buying sterling silver instead of gold jewelry.

Why buy wholesale sterling silver jewelry instead of gold jewelry?

Here are the following reasons that make silver more worthy of buying than gold jewelry. While there are so many reasons out there, we’ve selected the most important ones for you to read. These reasons are genuine and we’re sure you won’t feel bored while reading them as their quite interesting facts.


silver jewelry

Reason # 01: wholesale sterling silver jewelry perfectly goes with every outfit of yours

If you’re tired of searching for jewelry that is difficult to match with your outfits, then go for silver items. Silver jewelry is very common and it matches every outfit and attire. So, if you want to pair up with casual, formal, or office attire, then silver jewelry should be your option. From the basic tones to bright, dark, and pastel color outfits, they all can be glammed up with jewelry. Apart from this, if you’re looking for daily wear items, like necklaces or rings, silver jewelry will do the best. You can rock the same ring or necklace every day as your signature look and feel good about yourself.

Reason # 02: They are pure, longer-lasting, and highly durable

The best part about wholesale sterling silver jewelry is that they are significantly durable and can last a lifetime. 925 sterling silver itself is so pure that you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling that it’s cheap quality. You can hold on to silver items forever, only if you know the right ways to care.

Reason # 03: Silver jewelry is very affordable as compared to gold jewelry

If we compare silver jewelry with gold jewelry, it is more affordable comparatively. If you want to buy lots of jewelry in bulk, then silver jewelry is the best option. You will not have your bank account empty as you’ll be buying at affordable rates. Gold jewelry, on the other hand, is quite pricey. You’ll only have limited options to buy jewelry items, whereas, in silver jewelry, more quantity and less money spent.

Reason # 04:You’re lucky if you have a cooler skin tone as silver jewelry is your best friend

According to some beauty and fashion experts, silver jewelry looks flattering on cooler skin tones the most. This does not mean that it looks dull on other skin tones. You can wear silver jewelry regardless of any type of skin tone you have. How do you figure out what type is your skin tone? Look at the color of your veins. If they’re blue/purple, it means you have a cooler skin tone. If they’re green/brown, then you have a warm skin tone.


silver jewelry

Reason # 05:It can be the perfect gift for your family and friends on any occasion 

The most important event of the year is ahead, and that is Christmas. If you’re searching for jewelry as gifts, then go for wholesale sterling silver. These can be the perfect items to gift to your loved ones on this special occasion. You may look for silver Christmas theme jewelry, like charms, snowflake necklaces or earrings, and much more.

Reason # 06:Diamonds look classy and elegant on silver jewelry more than gold jewelry

Diamonds bring so much beauty to your outfits. They’re bright crystals that instantly attract eyes in the room. If you want such kind of attention, then go for sterling silver jewelry with diamonds on them. They’ll look elegant on formal gowns, or maxis, and classy on your daily or office attires.

Reason # 07: Sterling silver is hypoallergenic that means goodbye to any skin allergies

Another reason to buy wholesale sterling silver is that it suits all skin types. So, if you have sensitive skin that easily reacts to certain materials, then wear sterling silver. It is scientifically proven that sterling silver has hypoallergenic properties that are friendly to all skin types.

Reason # 08: They are easier to care for and maintain with home remedies

If you want easy maintenance and a simple care routine for jewelry, then go for silver items. They can be easily washed with mild soap and a toothbrush. To avoid any rust forming, keep in air-tight containers. To maintain its good quality, wholesale silver rings store ina soft fabric, like a microfiber cloth. With these simple tips in hand, you’re good to go.

Reason # 09:It can become a valuable asset in the future

Since sterling silver is pure, they are more valuable. You can buy silver jewelry, and if you want to put it up for auction, then it’ll get you lots of money. The older the item, the more valuable it gets. Besides, vintage sterling silver is to die for. Everyone around you will certainly want to buy it if you plan on selling it.

Reason # 10:Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is going to be highly trending in 2021

Last, but not least, silver is about to set 2021 on fire. With such crazy new hot trends, sterling jewelry is going to be the talk of the town. You’ll see those big designer brands showcasing it on the runways for sure.

Final Verdict:

So, we have reached the end of our discussion on wholesale sterling silver. We hope that you find these reasons worthy of reading. Make sure to share this valuable information with your loved ones.