5 Tips on wearing sterling silver 925 earrings

silver 925 earrings

Sterling silver 925 earrings have been worn for a very long time. In the old ages, they didn’t have the right tools for ear piercing so they would use stones and plugs to make a hole and wear some kind of jewelry in it. But since we have upgraded ourselves, we have all sorts of modern techniques as well as top-class silver 925 earrings to get your ear pierced with. You can now wear beautiful earrings of different types that will make you look stunning. You are not only choosing and buying jewelry, but you are also creating a style in your mind according to many different dresses. Here are 5 tips on how you can

Show style yourself with sterling silver 925 earrings.


silver 925 earrings

  • Know your face shape 

You need to understand that you should know your face shape. Not every earring suits all face shapes. Here are some face shapes and earrings that will look good on you and are also suggesting a few options for you to consider. 


  • Round or oval

This type of face-shaped is the easiest to choose earrings with because you can wear anything and it will suit you. Some suggestion is to wear triangle-shaped or simple studs, some long tassels earrings would suit too. 


  • Inverted triangle

It is said as an inverted triangle because the forehead is wide and narrow down to a pointed chin. To balance out the facial features you can wear dangling earrings, teardrop-shaped. If you want to wear something small you can go for hoops in a smaller shape. 


  • Long

A long face-shaped can match with a chunky piece of earrings, small studs to play down the long-shaped face. If you like to wear long or big earrings then go for something round in them.


  • Square

The square-shaped face has a jawline and square jaws that make your face look square. To even this out you can wear something that has a round or oval shape in them. You can match with hoops or even square earrings as well. You should avoid triangle or diamond shape sterling silver 925 earrings.


silver 925 earrings

  • Wear according to your skin tone

People have many different undertones. It varies from country to country. Some of them mostly lie from cool to warm and neutral tones. The cool tone is lighter in complexity so you should consider wearing colors like blue, red, or green and other colors. Neutral shade complexity lies in yellow skin tone. silver 925 earrings You should wear something matching that like copper, gold, bronze, silver or rose gold. Some shades of green to brown and honey will also look good. Neutral tone doesn’t lie anywhere between yellow or peach undertones. They can wear something in blue, violet, turquoise shades.


Nevertheless, complexity can’t let you decide what suits you or not. It is no such rule that you have to follow. Even if there is any such rule, then rules are meant to be broken. Many darker shade ladies love to wear bring colors sterling silver 925 earrings. Your beauty lies within you. So, no matter what you wear you must take care that it looks good on you and matches your outfit.

  • Try something new

Maybe trying something new is out of your comfort zone. But you need to look different. A change in you will make you feel refresh. If you don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Start with wearing sterling silver 925 earrings. Wear according to the event you are going to. If you are going to a formal party. wholesale silver rings Consider wearing something with pearls. If you are going for office work, try starting with something small like studs and hoops. 


  • Style according to hairstyle

Styling your earrings is a great thing to do. Earrings are the first thing that brings attention to your face. Therefore, you should mix and match your hairstyles according to the earrings you plan to wear.


  • Open hair

If you have long hair and you want to open them, then consider wearing small stud sterling silver 925 earrings. They will look more sparkly at a first glance and of course throughout the event.

If you have shorter hair then you may want to wear hoops. Short hair with hoops is a very good combination. 


  • Ponytail or bun

If you plan to make a bun, ponytail, or a similar hairdo then you can wear long dangling earrings or with tassels. This kind of hairdo makes your neck and ear area clear and obvious. Therefore, you can wear something that brings attention to that area.


  • Heavy earrings 

If you plan to wear a heavy pair of earrings that you think is perfect with your dress then try to keep the other jewelry simple. It will look like you have overdone with your jewelry. Your look will bring a messy effect. By keeping it simple I mean that if you are wearing heavy earrings then you should consider wearing a simple necklace and bracelet. silver 925 earrings Maybe not even wear any one of these. It will make your earrings look prominent and sparkly.  


Final Thoughts 

When you find it comfortable to wear and style the sterling silver 925 earrings your way. Then you can dress accordingly for any event. Whether it is a wedding, going to the office, or even at home. Wholesale earrings According to occasions, makeup, hairstyles, and skin tones. We have described it all. It is not just dressing up for an event. You must understand earrings are important. Since they grab the attention of the person who sees you before they talk to you. After reading the article you must know 5 tips that you can use in everyday wear.