How to select a perfect wholesale jewelry manufacturer?

The jewelry business, just like several fields, is a competitive one. If you’re an entrepreneur, starting out and fresh, you would need a reliable wholesaler to keep you often in stock. Consistency in business is significant. If customers keep clicking and all they then see is Out Of Stock, well, they would stop clicking altogether. Therefore, you got to choose the right wholesaler to keep you relevant in the market space.

How to select a perfect wholesale jewelry manufacturer?


Consider these tips:

Know who and what you’re looking for and Where to look.

The whole world is going on the net; that’s a fact. The internet provides directories and business-to-business sites containing wholesale jewelry stores. Look for wholesalers with company information well offered. This leads to credibility and legitimacy. Furthermore, the failure of manufacturers to give their physical location on their websites could be a hint that they are not legitimate. Choose manufacturers who have been tested and trusted with visible offices.

There are too many crooks these days, and one can’t be too careful. Of course, not everyone needs a Wholesaler manufacturer. If you’re interested in peculiar jewelry, say your brand is one of a kind. Rings and necklaces? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes”, partnering with a wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer may not be the best option for your business. While there are some manufacturers who specialize in supplying fine OOAK pieces, most prefer to produce large quantities of fashion jewelry.


To find the proper wholesale manufacturer, you got to know what type of jewelry you want to sell. Do you want silver-based material or gold? Some suppliers deal majorly in brass. You got to consider these before partnering with a wholesale manufacturer. The idea is to get a supplier who provides your customers with a wide range of options to choose from.

Look For Pocket-Friendly Wholesale Manufacturers.

The goal of all businesses is to make more profit with less. So it makes more sense that you look for a wholesale manufacturer that’s pocket-friendly. You would be asking yourself if you would settle for domestic or overseas sourcing. Household is usually costlier than jewelry sourced abroad, but then you don’t have to deal with the language barrier and long-distance problem. Importantly, don’t ignore wholesale prices. Be on the lookout for potential wholesale price that allows you to keep a beneficial markup. When looking for wholesale manufacturers, keep your eyes on the price.

Follow The Trend.

You have to know what your prospective customers are into these days. What sparkles catch their eyes? What’s in vogue? What do your customers want? Obviously, this connects to profit. Scan fashion magazines. Visit blogs. Get an idea of what customers in the market are out for. Then go for the Wholesale manufacturer who can offer you these services. Keep up with the trend, and you wouldn’t be left behind. You have to give the people what they want.

Check Out Your Prospective Suppliers.

Don’t go into a partnership blind. You don’t want to be left in a worse position. So it’s better to check out the records of your prospective suppliers. Check for delivery, timeliness, quality of goods. These are things to look out for in a good supplier. Do they have a wide range of materials? How does delivery work? Do they do classics and antiques? Ask other customers and consider the feedback.

Go through the reviews & comments section before placing your order. This will inform you about the first user’s experience of buying jewelry from the supplier that you are considering. You might want to check out their services using trial orders. Place small orders.

If you do not like the trial order, you can switch to other wholesalers without losing too much financially.

Return policy:

If you are looking for bulk buying from wholesale jewelry suppliers, then you must also ask them about the return policies. Sometimes, wholesalers refuse to take back the product, and you cannot replace their damaged products anymore. Ask them about delivery timings, mode of payment, and return policies in advance. It will prevent you from last-minute hassles. Plus, wholesale jewelry suppliers can provide huge discounts on bulk purchases, and you can order in bulk to save your cost.

Availability of stock

It actually makes sense to put this majorly into consideration. The idea of a partnership with a wholesale manufacturer is that you’re always in stock. It makes no sense if your supplier is often out of stock because that means dissatisfied customers, which means you’re losing money. Customers aren’t known for patience, especially if they have been desiring something for long. If it becomes a habit, you would be marked as unreliable. In business, reputation is everything.


Communication is very important in business. Don’t take this lightly if you’re looking for a good supplier. You need reliable communication when things go wrong. Errors in delivery, delays, and like. Poor communication between you and your supplier will result in poor service in the long run. You need your supplier to have a listening ear to the complaints. It isn’t good for business if the communication channel is stagnant. If they don’t take your complaints seriously, they probably wouldn’t take serving you seriously.


Remember, crooks are out there! You have to keep an eye out for fakes, or it’s going to cost you. Avoid shady characters even though they promise really sweet deals. Check out your manufacturer. Is he registered and licensed? Where’s the physical location of this business? Check their website for the authenticity of materials. Remember, not all that glitters is gold.


Jewelry business is a lucrative business offering many opportunities to entrepreneurs eager to make a profit and develop. Follow their guidelines on how to make optimum partnership with the ideal wholesale manufacturer, and you may be on your way to take full advantage of these opportunities. Remember: check out your supplier, the materials, price, and you’re good to go.

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